Why I need smart home?

There are many benefits in having a smart home. The most common reasons why people want a smart home is usually for convenience, comfort, safety and security.

Why choose AT Smart Home?

AT Smart Home provides you with a one-stop solution that you can get your whole smart solutions here and with our professional service to help you configure, install, setup all your things up. We also work with your IDs and contractor to achieve your requirements.

Can I integrate a smart home system after my renovations are completed?

Yes, you can do that, but it might require some minor adjustments depending on the site conditions.

What are the after sales support?

AT Smart Home operates 7 days/week. So, even during the weekends if you should require help with your smart home, we will always be there for you.

How much does it usually cost to build a smart home?

Typically for a basic set up for some lighting and a few appliances for smart control via app, voice and smart automations, it’ll cost you approximately $2k.