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Your Smart Home for a Smarter Way of Living

Imagine this: house lights that magically turn on to set the ambiance and blinds that automatically draw themselves whenever you wish. All these and more can be your next living experience at AT Smart Home.

With our cutting-edge smart living technologies, your Smart Home appliances will seamlessly respond to your every need in a few quick taps or via voice command.

Lean back, relax, and enjoy all the pleasurable convenience, enhanced security and energy efficiency of your new AT Smart Home experience.

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One Smart App

Control all of your appliances
in the palm of your hands.

One-Stop Services For Home Automation Systems Singapore

One-Stop Service

Most common smart devices or appliances are integrated in our system.

Solutions For Home Automation Systems

One Unique Solution

Customise our solutions to your specific requirements.

Build your Smart Home, your way.

Your Smart Home adapts to your specific lifestyle and preferences, and automated to complement your daily routines.

Enjoy tailor-made customisations that enhance convenience and enable you to control the entire home with a single command. Your Smart Home is also environmentally friendly and less costly, with smart appliances that are optimised for energy efficiency.


Build Your Home Smart With Home Automation Systems
Home Automation Systems With Hassle-Free Experience

Hassle-free Experience

Say goodbye to the hassle of planning and executing a Smart Home project all on your own, which comes with more headaches than happiness.

Instead, AT Smart Home provides a simplified solution that integrates all of your favourite smart appliances.

With our professional guidance and support throughout the installation process and after, we will assist you in integrating, troubleshooting and maintaining your Smart Home.

Smart Home Packages

Greater savings with our Smart Home bundle deals.

Home Automation Systems Package
Smart Lighting Solutions Singapore

Smart Lighting Solutions

Set the mood right by adjusting the lighting levels, colours, and schedules remotely through a smartphone or voice commands. Create the perfect lighting for any occasion, whether for a cozy evening or a lively gathering with friends and family.

Smart Kitchen

Kitchen safety is our priority. To prevent any fire hazards, our smart kitchen appliances automatically detect smoke or overheating, triggering timely alerts and even shutting down operations if necessary. Remote monitoring and control ensures that appliances are switched off when inactive, offering an additional layer of safety and peace of mind.

Smart Kitchen Singapore
Home Automation Systems - Dooya Motorised Curtains
Home Automation Systems - Dooya Motorised Blinds

Motorised Curtains and Blinds

Let the brilliant natural light in, or enjoy the privacy of closed coverings with Dooya Pro Motorised Curtains and Blinds, managed conveniently through automated remote control.

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