HDB Flat

In Northshore, we focused on using smart lighting to craft various ambiences, tailored to the homeowner's mood and needs:

Romantic Evenings: With a voice command or a tap on the Zigbee Wireless Scenario Switches, the living room transforms into a romantic haven. Warm, dimmed lighting envelops the space, setting the perfect mood for a cozy evening.

Productive Workspaces: In the study area, the Smart Galaxy Star Projector offers a unique lighting experience. The homeowner can switch between a calming starry night or adjustable white light for a productive work environment, all controlled effortlessly via smartphone or voice commands.

Movie Nights: For cinematic experiences, the Smart Galaxy Star Projector creates a mesmerizing starry backdrop. Combined with Smart LED strips, it sets the scene for immersive movie nights. Dim the lights using Zigbee Smart Switches, and you're ready for a movie night in the comfort of your home.

Efficient Water Heater Control:

Our smart solutions extend to optimizing energy usage. We installed Zigbee Smart Switches for the water heaters, allowing the homeowner to manage them effortlessly. With a touch or voice command, they can turn the water heaters on or off, ensuring they operate only when needed. This eliminates the need for the storage tank heater to boil water continuously, resulting in energy savings and a reduced environmental impact.

Motorized Window Coverings:

To simplify daily life, we introduced motorized solutions for curtains. Motorized Zigbee Curtains provide effortless control over window coverings, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. With Zigbee Motion Detectors, curtains can automatically open or close based on occupancy, ensuring privacy and light control are always optimized.


The Northshore 3-Room HDB Flat project exemplifies our commitment to enhancing lifestyles through smart home solutions. With smart lighting and automation, including the Smart Galaxy Star Projector, we've created different moods, optimized energy usage, and provided convenient control over window coverings. Homeowners now enjoy a more comfortable, efficient, and enchanting living space.

ClientNorthshore 3-Room HDB Flat
Products ListZigbee Smart Switches
Wireless Zigbee Gateway
IR Universal Remote
Zigbee Motion Detectors
Zigbee Wireless Scenario Switches
Motorized Zigbee Curtains
Smart Galaxy Star Projector
Smart Lighting: Setting the Mood
Type of ServicesSmart Lighting Controls
Smart Scenarios/automations

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