Co-sharing Event Space

At the Toa Payoh North Co-Sharing Event Space, we leveraged smart switches and an IR Universal Remote to optimize lighting and air conditioning:

Energy-Saving Lights: Zigbee Smart Switches were strategically installed throughout the space. These switches automatically detect motion. When no motion is detected, the lights automatically turn off, ensuring that no energy is wasted. This smart solution addresses the issue of guests forgetting to switch off lights after using the event space.

Efficient Climate Control: The IR Universal Remote was programmed to control the air conditioning system. When motion is detected, the air conditioning remains active to maintain a comfortable environment. Once the motion sensors detect no activity, the IR Universal Remote automatically adjusts the temperature or switches off the air conditioning, contributing to energy savings.

Smart Scenarios: Customized for Convenience

Our smart scenario creation adds an extra layer of convenience to the event space:

Welcome Scenario: As guests enter the event space, Zigbee Motion Detectors detect their presence, triggering the Zigbee Smart Switches to illuminate the area. The space welcomes guests with well-lit and comfortable surroundings.

Vacancy Scenario: After an event concludes, and no motion is detected, the system shifts to a "Vacancy Scenario." Lights are dimmed or turned off, and the air conditioning is adjusted or powered down, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.


The Toa Payoh North Co-Sharing Event Space project exemplifies our commitment to enhancing efficiency and convenience through smart home solutions. By utilizing smart switches and an IR Universal Remote, we have resolved the challenge of energy waste when guests forget to turn off lights and air conditioning. Our smart scenarios also contribute to a seamless and welcoming event experience.

ClientToa Payoh North Co-Sharing Event Space
Products ListZigbee Smart Switches
Wireless Zigbee Gateway
IR Universal Remote
Zigbee Motion Detectors
Zigbee Wireless Scenario Switches
Wireless Zigbee Motion Sensors
Smart Lighting and Climate Control: Efficiency at its Best
Type of ServicesSmart Scenarios/automations

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